nTTx Releases video

Since nTTx was signed by WTII records, they have not slowed down. Their new EP, Objective on April 8, 2016; which is available on the label’s bandcamp site .

On April 16th the band released their debut video Bastion.

The video stars Gord Clement’s brother Lenny. In a quote from his facebook page Gord stated the following

“My video for Bastion stars my big brother! In a way it is a kind of tribute to him. He was a popular DJ at one time and he was responsible for introducing me to most of my influences in electronic music. He also would bring home various drum machines and synths. The video is him figuratively “building nTTx” in recognition of his unwitting role of making part of who I am today! “

I love the gritty feel of the video, and I took a moment to message Gordie (mind you , I am the only one allowed to call him that) to ask him about the filming.

When I questioned him about the meaning behind the lyrics of the song and the video, Gord simply replied the following :

“I don’t typically think of lyrics and meaning and force anything behind it just kind of streams out of me somehow naturally, there are some hidden homonym word plays in there that one would only get it when reading them.

Basically, before we only had to deal with news stories and media, now everyone has a voice, and everyone wants to be heard whether are right or not, researched or not, true or not, and insane or not. and in this process instead of coming together there seems to be a will to separate us apart even more, finger-pointing, blaming, vilifying others.

All in all the video, is provocative, and the music? Well that is top notch as well.
We hope you enjoy watching , we know we did.


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