ToXik KaOs – Episode 5

Album of the Month- Brutal Resonance – Phase One
Produced by Brutal Resonance
Website :
Bandcamp site:

E P I S O D E 5
Bad Intentions.. Tattoos .. Slingblade GPS .. and BUNNYMAN
We have it all including a bid for a presidential run.
Wait who is afraid of the Bunnyman? Shibari is!
This episode is beyond the normal level of crazy, but it is also full of great music.
Tune in with Shibs and Sic for tour information for 16Volt and also the Realignment tour for Fractured Fairytales and Abbey Death featuring our friends Machines on Blast.

Track List:

01. Droid Sector Decay – Pleasure Comes —
02.  Astma – Snake Bite
03.  White Trash Wankers- Another One Bites The Dust
04. Blut Reaktor – Flesh of Flesh
05. Orange Sector- Burn In Hell (Fucking Lies Mix)
06. High Fuctioning Flesh – Hungry Cries
07. Vain Machine – Push (Original Mix)
08. Freakangel – Suck The Poison In
09. Helalyn Flowers- Beware Of Light
10. FGFC820 – Existence (Combichrist Remix)
11. Ego Likeness- The Darkness ( Deep Abyss Remix by the Deity)
12. Adam Kult – Fuck Them (Suicical Romance Mix)
13. Centhron – Fuck Off And Die
14. C/A/T – Bunnyman
15. Viscera Drip – Shut The Fuck Up -(Pheremone Remix)

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