ToXik KaOs – Episode 8

Sorry for the delay .. Shibs and Sic are back and they have a GINORMOUS episode.

Starting off with our Album of the Month The Abyss Effect by Synapsyche. There is a lot of flavor this week with AWESOME tracks for you to crunch on. We have some Netflix and Chill , Birthday woes.. Motherfucking . and so much more
1. Synapsyche – Hate and Psyche
2. SynthAttackk – Afterlife
3. Beauty Queen Autopsy – Spread
4. W.A.S.T.E. – DMT Zone (The Motherfucker Mix by DJ Doktor Zayus)
5. Marilyn Manson – Next Mother Fucker -Remix-
6. TECHNOLORGY- Crestfallen (Soman Remix).
7. Riotlegion – Trigger Warning
8. Kriminal Minds Official- Sex and Misery
9. A.[D].N – killer beat killer bass
10. Memmaker- Death Comes (Remixed By Rotersand)
11. Hocico Official – Ruptura [Motherfucker 667 Remix by Combichrist]
12. Julien-K – Breakfast In Berlin
13. Leaether Strip – Here Comes The Rain Again
14. NOISUF-X – Jezebel (Exclusive Mix)
15. Amduscia Official – Kill, inc., Motherfuckers
16. Modulate – Das Bunker
17. Pretty Addicted – Choose Your Poison
18. [x] – Rx – Feel The Fucking Bass
19. Soman – Mask

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