ToXik KaOs – Episode 10



Shibs and Sic welcome Danesha Artis from Standard Issue Citizen.  We are not sure how Sic broke his dick.. But it involved Skull Vodka.  Tonight’s mayhem is brought to you by Absinthe and a healthy dose of laughter.  Most of today’s music is from Danesha’s playlist  along with a a few Standard Issue Citizen Tracks and some that we threw in for the heck of it.  All in all it is a awesome time with some slammin music.

Oh yeah #brokedicksic

Track Listing :

  • Seraphim System – Come Up and Get Me
  • Standard Issue Citizen – Sicfuck
  • Lights Out, God Help Me –  Lapdance
  • Sin, Sin –  These Pretty Things
  • Panic Lift – Paper Mask ( Ludovico Technique Remix)
  • Ruinizer – Devilution (Featuring Surgyn)
  • Standard Issue Citizen –  Dr0n3  (The c10n3 mix by The Deity)
  • Silver Walks – Black Doves
  • Volt 9000 –  Timeshift
  • Chrysalide – Traders Must Die
  • Go Fight – Gone to Mexico
  • Standard Issue Citizen – It Lies In Dust
  • Gingersnap5 – Waiting For (Pride and Fall Mix)
  • FGFC820  – Killing Fields (Explicit)
  • TAMTRUM – Le son de la pluie (fils de pute mix by GRENDEL)
  • 3 Teeth –  Eradicate
  • Machines On Blast – Salvation
  • Finite Automata – Rot Inside (Demo Version)
  • Nolongerhuman –  Apostate
  • Damsel in the Dollhouse –  Room 237




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