ToXik KaOs – Episode 17

We are hitting the G ‘s in the ABC’s of Industrial.  Sic and Shibari are back and there is much discussion of Latex Doll Fetishes , creepy dolls , and well … celebrity crushes versus being a stalker. We invite you to listen in on iTunes and you can now listen to ToXik KaOs on the Podbean app off of Alexa ! We would also like to admonish that no actual G Spots were hit during the recording of ToXik KaOs .. as usual we are NSFW … so play it LOUD and PROUD. 01. Flammpunkt – Rubberpants (WXLR remix) […]

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ToXik KaOs – Episode 16

Sic and Shibari are back for episode 16. We have all the music you want , along with so much more . Are you ready Agents of KaOs? Allofher Twitch – Girl U Want (DEVO Cover) Richard Krider – God Dance Xentrifuge – Machine Winter Matt Hart – Judgement (Requiem) Richard Ashley – Mr. Hyde Kanga-  Vital Signs Visions In Black- What Once Was Kiss is Kill – 100 % Dreams Divide –  Alpha Male Siva Six –     DayLord UCNX – Servant (Teeth of Angels Mix)

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ToXik KaOs – Episode 11

Episode 11 is the B’s Knees .. Well Minus three songs it is all about the Bands that BEGIN with B. Bringing you Music , News , Laughter and … #Gn0m3knowsall . What? Join Sic and Shibs as we bring you a helluva awesome episode full of pulsating beats .. and more. It’s BIG … REALLY REALLY BIG… Track List: 01.T-Error Machinez – Lovers Cursed (LSD Project) 02.Be My Enemy – Break Your Body 03.Breath & Decay – Another Dream Down ft. Deadliner – Corrupted Glitch Mode Mix 04.Black Nail Cabaret – Satisfaction 05.The Birthday Massacre – Destroyer 06.BlutEngel – […]

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ToXik KaOs – Episode 10

    Shibs and Sic welcome Danesha Artis from Standard Issue Citizen.  We are not sure how Sic broke his dick.. But it involved Skull Vodka.  Tonight’s mayhem is brought to you by Absinthe and a healthy dose of laughter.  Most of today’s music is from Danesha’s playlist  along with a a few Standard Issue Citizen Tracks and some that we threw in for the heck of it.  All in all it is a awesome time with some slammin music. Oh yeah #brokedicksic Track Listing : Seraphim System – Come Up and Get Me Standard Issue Citizen – Sicfuck Lights […]

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ToXik KaOs – Episode 9

We apologize for the delay of bringing you KaOs. A lot of things have been happening behind the scenes. But we are back , with a extra special … extra long episode of ToXik KaOs for you to enjoy. Shibs and Sic are bringing you the A’s of the ABC’s of Industrial / Underground Music. They also bring you new words. As usual this episode is not safe for work and we learn to never go “Full Hog” What?! All the songs today are from Bands that begin with A except for 2 . We bring you Kiss is Kill […]

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:: Podcast:: – Rapture Radio

Our friend Dj Skeletal has a new podcast that we will be featuring . You can find out more about their page here

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nTTx Releases video

Since nTTx was signed by WTII records, they have not slowed down. Their new EP, Objective on April 8, 2016; which is available on the label’s bandcamp site . On April 16th the band released their debut video Bastion. The video stars Gord Clement’s brother Lenny. In a quote from his facebook page Gord stated the following “My video for Bastion stars my big brother! In a way it is a kind of tribute to him. He was a popular DJ at one time and he was responsible for introducing me to most of my influences in electronic music. He […]

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ToXik KaOs- Episode 1

    It is our First Episode! Bear with us as we are “under construction” still . Join Sicnes and Shibari as they bring you some theme music for your week, We discuss donkey-napping , Netflix and Chill and Awkward flirtations. Be sure to share and like our page! To contact ToXik KaOs Shibari – Sicnes – 01. Junksista- Rage 02. nTTx- Bastion (Kiss is Kill Remix) 03. Glass Apple Bonzai – Symptoms of Reality 04. Amnestic- Rhythm of Violence 05. Society Burning- Awaken (Re-birth by UCNX) 06. Deconbrio- Monster 07. Nuclear Sun- Kill ’em All 08. […]

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Are you an Agent of Kaos?

Are you ready for some Kaos? Because .. we are all about some kaos!

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