ToXik Podcast

ToXik KaOs is a electronic music podcast , Hosted by… Shibari and SicNes , introducing, new Industrial , Electronic, EBM, Alternative music, while embracing the classics we all know and love.
Actually if you like :
aggrotech, Dark Electro, Dark Industrial, Death Industrial, EBM, Electro Industrial, Futurepop, Harsh EBM, Harsh Electro, Harsh Noise, Hellelctro, Industrial Metal, Industrial Rock, Martial Industrial, Power Noise, Rythmic Noise, Techno Industrial, Terror EBM, Batcave, Coldwave, Darkwave, Death Rock, Post-Punk, Electroclash, Electropunk, Gothic Rock, Noise, Tribal Industrial, Synthpop, SynthPunk, Witchhouse
You are going to hear it here.
Basically we play what we want.
We do what we want MOM.