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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 1

    It is our First Episode!
    Bear with us as we are “under construction” still .
    Join Sicnes and Shibari as they bring you some theme music for your week, We discuss donkey-napping , Netflix and Chill and Awkward flirtations.
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    To contact ToXik KaOs
    [email protected]
    Shibari – [email protected]
    Sicnes – [email protected]
    01. Junksista- Rage
    02. nTTx- Bastion (Kiss is Kill Remix)
    03. Glass Apple Bonzai – Symptoms of Reality
    04. Amnestic- Rhythm of Violence
    05. Society Burning- Awaken (Re-birth by UCNX)
    06. Deconbrio- Monster
    07. Nuclear Sun- Kill ’em All
    08. Adoration Destroyed – Carnal
    09. DI Auger – The Fallen (Exorcism Remix)
    10. Polyfuse -Thrust Rush
    11. SIXISSIX – HachING
    12. Flammpunkt – The Creeps
    13. Dawn of Ashes – Torture Device
    14. Xentrifuge- Machine Winter>