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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 17

    We are hitting the G ‘s in the ABC’s of Industrial. Sic and Shibari are back and there is much discussion of Latex Doll Fetishes , creepy dolls , and well … celebrity crushes versus being a stalker.
    We invite you to listen in on iTunes and you can now listen to ToXik KaOs on the Podbean app off of Alexa !
    We would also like to admonish that no actual G Spots were hit during the recording of ToXik KaOs .. as usual we are NSFW … so play it LOUD and PROUD.

    01. Flammpunkt – Rubberpants (WXLR remix) feat. DJ Shibari
    02. Gary Numan – Bleed
    03. Greyhound – Quantum Mechanic Love
    04. GenCab – Perish the Thought
    05. Gentleman Junkie – Holy War
    06. Glass Apple Bonzai – My Alliance To Science
    07. Gogi – Sunshine Girl
    08. Glis – No Pulse (Tactical Sekt Remix)
    09. Ghostfeeder – The Vampire Youth
    10. Glen Love – The City Cries
    11. God Module – Evolve (Assemblage 23 Mix)
    12. Godhead – Eleanor Rigby (Beatles Cover)
    13. Gingersnap5 – Sail Away
    14. Grendel – Remnants (Soman Remix)
    15. Garek – Cavity
    16. Genitorturers – Sin City
    17. Grausame Töchter – Ich Darf Das!

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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 16

    Sic and Shibari are back for episode 16. We have all the music you want , along with so much more .
    Are you ready Agents of KaOs?

    Allofher Twitch – Girl U Want (DEVO Cover)
    Richard Krider – God Dance
    Xentrifuge – Machine Winter
    Matt Hart – Judgement (Requiem)
    Richard Ashley – Mr. Hyde
    Kanga- Vital Signs
    Visions In Black- What Once Was
    Kiss is Kill – 100 %
    Dreams Divide – Alpha Male
    Siva Six – DayLord
    UCNX – Servant (Teeth of Angels Mix)

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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 15

    Label : Distortion Productions L.L.C.
    Bandcamp: https://ghostfeeder.bandcamp.com/album/world-fameless-2016
    Shibari and SicNes have invited Derek from Ghostfeeder
    to join them in the Basement of Doom to discuss
    their album World Fameless, Florida Man , and Ultra Fan Man .
    So much fun for one little podcast.
    We are F’ing things up this week with the ABC’s of industrial.

    1. Ghostfeeder – Let The Wolves Inside
    2. Faderhead – 69 Freaks Per Minute
    3. FGFC820 – Existence
    4. Fictional – The System
    5. Fabrikmutter – Elektrik
    6. Finite Automata – Rot Inside
    7. Front Line Assembly – Psychosomatic
    8. The Firm Incorporated – Abgerbrannt (Burn it Down)
    9. Front 242 – Animal (Zoo)
    10. Fear Factory – Cars (Featuring Gary Numan)
    11. Flesh Field – Fallen Angel (Absolution Mix by Negative Format)
    12. File Not Found – Schwarz
    13. Faux – The Hunger (Control Remix by As Sparks Fly Upward)
    14. Ghostfeeder- World Fameless
    15. First Aid For Souls – No More Smile
    16. Freckle Licker – Get the Fuck Out
    17. Frontal Boundary – Das Blut (Komor Kommando Mix)
    18. Fractured – Between The Lines
    19. Fear Cult – If You’re Watching
    20. Fisher Spooner- Emerge
    21. Funker Vogt – Thanks For Nothing
    22. Ghostfeeder – Juliet
    23. Feindflug – Kopfschuss
    24. Faith and The Muse- Scars Flown Proud

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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 14

    Episode 14
    YES! Shibari and SicNes are back !!! We have Dana from K.P. Riot Brigade. We are talking about things that look like penises , sharing secrets . discussing 2016 and Celebrating K.P. Riot Brigades New album . We have lots of songs from E bands .. Did we miss one of your favorites share it with us below 🙂
    Track List:

    Emilie Autumn – Dead Is the New Alive (Manipulator Mix by DopeStars Inc)
    K.P. Riot Brigade – Violence With a Halo
    En Esch – Give the People What They Want
    Entrzelle – Pressure (Psy’Aviah Remix)
    Eternal Nightmare – A Nightmare (Wardrums Remix by Warforge
    Esplendor GeomActrico – Sinaya
    Eisenfunk – Atomic Bomb
    Experiment Haywire – Game Called Life (Nekrotek Future Mix)
    E Nomine – Lucifer
    Empyrean Asunder – You Are My Punishment
    Eurotix – The Innocent Years
    Edge of Dawn – Losing Ground
    Eco – Hass und Liebe
    Electrovot – Saving my Soul
    eHpH – Bleeding Light
    Empty – Drift (Gingersnap5 remix)
    The Echoing Green- Sanctuary (Assemblage 23 Mix)
    Ego Likeness – Darkness Deep Abyss (Remix by The Deity)
    Emergence – Blue Muze (Razed In Black Remix)
    Espermachine – Into the Fire
    Extize – Fvck Indvcktrial (Extize ft. Extize ft. Duck)
    Elastic Heads – Kickin’!
    Effcee – Damaged Girl
    Electric Breahting – Emergency Exit
    Extinction Front – 3, 2, 1, Boom!
    E- Craft – Kill The Fakes
    Essence of Mind – Here to Play
    Electrogenic – The Deluge
    Evil’s Toy – Hypnosis
    Elesde – Im klinischen Sinne
    Eroticide – Masturbate Me
    Everything Goes Cold – Bitch Stole My Time Machine
    Error Enter Exit – Der Stein
    Electro Synthetic Rebellion – It Hurts (Dislocated mix)
    ESC – Despise
    Econo- Adios, Puta!
    Einsamkeit – From My Dead Body
    Etylen – Whispers

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    ToXik KaOs -Episode 13

    This week Shibs and Sic are giving you the D .. This episode is overflowing with Bands that begin with D! We are also introducing you to Vio ( our only non D band this week) It is scatological how long this episode is !

    We are NSFW .. but we are on iTunes.. Share us with your friends , family and especially people who need AWESOME beats in their lives.

    If you don’t like it .. blame Sic.

    Episode 13

    Track List:

    Vio – Foreshadow
    Dementi – Die zweite Version
    Dark Noise Experience – The Question of Sanity
    The Deity – Beg For Me Kover
    Dioxyde – Geist
    Deadly Injection – Black Gold
    Die Sektor – This Broken Shield
    Diary of Dreams- The Curse
    Di Auger – The Fallen (Exorcism Remix)
    Deviant UK Cracks Start to Show (Die Sektor Remix)
    Die Form – Silent Order
    Decoded Feedback-Breath
    Deine Lakaien- Into my Arms (And One Remix)
    Diskonnekted- Personal Demon
    Damsel in the Dollhouse – Room 237
    Dope Stars -Bang your Head
    Defeat – Outburst
    Defeat – Outburst
    Dream Recall – Stockholm Syndrome (feat Chris Anderson)
    DBS-Cabaret (Suicidal Romance Rmix)
    Dark Voices – Kein Kompromiss
    [de_ad_cibel] – self fulfilling prophecy
    Digital Poodle – Head of Lenin
    Dulce Liquido- Disoloutin
    Double Eyelid – The Stranger (Leaether STrip Remix)
    Diversant:13 Divine Electric
    Dawn of Ashes – Torture Device
    DeVision- Drifting Sideways
    Disfigured Mistress- The Dawn of a New Age of Brutality and Insurrection
    . Dark Illumination- Another Misery
    Deuxvolt- God Himself
    Diva Destruction – Run Cold
    Deconbrio- The Feeling Remains
    Dark Nebula-Truth in Flesh
    Droid Sector Decay – Underage Girls Should Not Shake their Ass (ass shaker mix)
    Device Noize- Fuck Off
    Diverje -All the Fakes
    Der fluch – Wir
    Devilsight- Siente
    Detroit Diesel – Let’s Pretend
    Digital Daggers- The Devil Within
    Distoxia – Neuroplasticdad
    Die Macht – cmg

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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 12

    A to the B to the C .. the ABC’s of industrial are still rolling .. This week Shibs and Sic are saying we See your C and raise you a humungous Episode. Remember we are on iTunes .. We can’t get enough of the KaOs !

    Track List:

    1. Contre Jour – Paris 2052
    2. Circus of Dead Squirrels – President Pinocchio
    3. Calling All Astronauts- Time To Fight back
    4. Coldkill- Invisible
    5. Children – Other People
    6. Cold Divide – Citizen Replaced
    7. C-Drone Defect – Morituri Te Salutant
    9. Cold In May – Lies
    10. Cold Therapy -The Puppeteer
    11. Cyber-Tec Project – Human
    12. Chainreactor- The Haunted
    13. Caustic – Teabaggin
    14. Cocksure – Razor Invader
    15. Click Click- Rats In My bed
    16. Citizen 16- Fragile Man
    17. Culture Kultur -The Last Believer
    18. Code: Red Core – Denial (Cortex Defect Remix)
    19. C/A/T – Dead to Me
    20. Code 64 – Sea of Stars
    21. Cut.Rate.Box – Thin Ice
    22. C-Lekktor- An Empty Soul
    23. Chameleon- Mr. Vain
    24. Celldweller – Switchback
    25. Combichrist – I’m Happy Anyway
    26. Cyferdyne-Jigsaw (PigWh*re Mix by Ruinzer)
    27. Cynical Existance- Hail to the King (The Duke is Here)
    28.Cygnosic- One Step forward (Alien Vampires Remix)
    29. Cryogenic Echelon – From Comatose (Detroit Diesel Remix)
    30. Cyanotic – Alt. Machine. Edit
    31. Cortex Defect – Affliction
    32. Combichrist- God Bless
    33. Colony 5 – Synchronized Hearts (Elektrocardiogramm)
    34. Chiasm – Deny
    35. Crematory-Ewigkeit (Staub Mix By Das Ich)
    36. Corroded Master – Bodycount (Count Gets Higher Mix by Tactical Module)
    37. Cut Off: Sky – Cycologenesis

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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 11

    Episode 11 is the B’s Knees .. Well Minus three songs it is all about the Bands that BEGIN with B. Bringing you Music , News , Laughter and … #Gn0m3knowsall . What?
    Join Sic and Shibs as we bring you a helluva awesome episode full of pulsating beats .. and more.

    B stands for BIG … really really BiG.

    Track List:
    T-Error Machinez – Lovers Cursed (LSD Project)
    Be My Enemy – Break Your Body
    Breath & Decay – Another Dream Down ft. Deadliner – Corrupted Glitch Mode Mix
    Black Nail Cabaret – Satisfaction
    The Birthday Massacre – Destroyer
    BlutEngel – Run Away
    Black Tower – Maska
    Blinky Blinky Computerband – Clocks (Cellular Circuit Edit)
    Babyland – You Will Never Have It
    BLAKOPZ – Thick as Thieves (Ruinizer Remix)
    BLUT REAKTOR – Flesh Of Flesh
    Be My Enemy – Disintegration
    Brioni Faith – Cyber Sex
    A BRILLIANT MASSACRE – 3 Blind Words
    Baconhanger – Heil
    Bereshit – Rejected ft. Reaxion Guerrilla
    Betamorphose – Reborn
    Bitch Brigade – Bubblegum Cyber (Hard Candy Mix by Virtual Terrorist)
    Blutzukker – Moerderherz
    Benjamin’s Plague – Black Eyes
    Binary Park – Not In Love
    Bella Morte – Still
    Binaural Silence – The Harsh Side
    Bomfunk MC’s – Super Electric (Extended Mix)
    Bodycall – Dancing in the Dark (Cold Mix)
    Bleeding Corp. – Bang your Head
    Bring The Ghosts – Devil
    Aesthetic Perfection – LAX
    Leaether Strip – Pop Muzik (M Cover Version)

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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 10

    Shibs and Sic welcome Danesha Artis from Standard Issue Citizen. We are not sure how Sic broke his dick.. But it involved Skull Vodka. Tonight’s mayhem is brought to you by Absinthe and a healthy dose of laughter. Most of today’s music is from Danesha’s playlist along with a a few Standard Issue Citizen Tracks and some that we threw in for the heck of it. All in all it is a awesome time with some slammin music.

    Oh yeah #brokedicksic

    Track Listing :
    Seraphim System – Come Up and Get Me
    Standard Issue Citizen – Sicfuck
    Lights Out, God Help Me – Lapdance
    Sin, Sin – These Pretty Things
    Panic Lift – Paper Mask ( Ludovico Technique Remix)
    Ruinizer – Devilution (Featuring Surgyn)
    Standard Issue Citizen – Dr0n3 (The c10n3 mix by The Deity)
    Silver Walks – Black Doves
    Volt 9000 – Timeshift
    Chrysalide – Travelers Must Die
    Go Fight – Gone to Mexico
    Standard Issue Citizen – It Lies In Dust
    Gingersnap5 – Waiting For (Pride and Fall Mix)
    FGFC820 – Killing Fields (Explicit)
    TAMTRUM – Le son de la pluie (fils de pute mix by GRENDEL)
    3 Teeth – Eradicate
    Machines On Blast – Salvation
    Finite Automata – Rot Inside (Demo Version)
    Nolongerhuman – Apostate
    Damsel in the Dollhouse – Room 237

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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 9

    We apologize for the delay of bringing you KaOs. A lot of things have been happening behind the scenes.
    But we are back , with a extra special … extra long episode of ToXik KaOs for you to enjoy. Shibs and Sic are bringing you the A’s of the ABC’s of Industrial / Underground Music. They also bring you new words. As usual this episode is not safe for work and we learn to never go “Full Hog” What?!
    All the songs today are from Bands that begin with A except for 2 . We bring you Kiss is Kill with a Prince Cover and Psy’ Aviah (That has an A ..)

    Track LIsting :

    Kiss is Kill – Electric Chair
    Aiboforcen – Not Unique
    Angel Theory – Savior
    Anaphie-Stic ft. Ms. Tigra – Throw me a bone
    Asphyxia – Digital War
    Apoptygma Berzerk – Unicorn
    Accessory – Fuck the Terrorism
    Alien Produkt – Artificial Intelligence
    Psy’Aviah – From Another World (Cyborgdrive Remix)
    Assemblage 23 – Dark Flow
    As Sparks Fly Upward – Paranoia (ID Mix by Individualdistanz)
    And One – Get it (ft. Douglas McCarthy)
    Admuscia – Kick some Ass
    A7IE – I Wish I Could
    Alien Vampires – Dark Skies
    Armageddon Dildos – Haut (Krupps remix)
    Anaklein – Thanks DM (Personal Jesus)
    Absent One – Splendour Station

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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 8

    Sorry for the delay .. Shibs and Sic are back and they have a GINORMOUS episode.
    Starting off with our Album of the Month The Abyss Effect by Synapsyche. There is a lot of flavor this week with AWESOME tracks for you to crunch on. We have some Netflix and Chill , Birthday woes.. Motherfucking . and so much more

    Synapsyche – Hate and Psyche
    SynthAttack – Afterlife
    Beauty Queen Autopsy – Spread
    W.A.S.T.E – DMT Zone (The Motherfucker Mix by DJ Doktor Zayus)
    Marilyn Manson – Next Mother Fucker -Remix-
    Technolorgy – Crestfallen (Soman Remix).
    Riotlegion – Trigger Warning
    Kriminal Minds – Sex and Misery
    A.[D].N – killer beat killer bass
    Memmaker – Death Comes (Remixed By Rotersand)
    Hocico – Ruptura [Motherfucker 667 Remix by CombiChrist]
    Julien-K – Breakfast In Berlin
    Leaether Strip – Here Comes The Rain Again
    Noisuf-X – Jezebel (Exclusive Mix)
    Amduscia – Kill, inc., Motherfuckers
    Modulate – Das Bunker
    Pretty Addicted – Choose Your Poison
    X-RX – Feel The Fucking Bass
    Soman – Mask