ToXik KaOs – Episode 11

Episode 11 is the B’s Knees .. Well Minus three songs it is all about the Bands that BEGIN with B. Bringing you Music , News , Laughter and … #Gn0m3knowsall . What?
Join Sic and Shibs as we bring you a helluva awesome episode full of pulsating beats .. and more.

B stands for BIG … really really BiG.

Track List:
T-Error Machinez – Lovers Cursed (LSD Project)
Be My Enemy – Break Your Body
Breath & Decay – Another Dream Down ft. Deadliner – Corrupted Glitch Mode Mix
Black Nail Cabaret – Satisfaction
The Birthday Massacre – Destroyer
BlutEngel – Run Away
Black Tower – Maska
Blinky Blinky Computerband – Clocks (Cellular Circuit Edit)
Babyland – You Will Never Have It
BLAKOPZ – Thick as Thieves (Ruinizer Remix)
BLUT REAKTOR – Flesh Of Flesh
Be My Enemy – Disintegration
Brioni Faith – Cyber Sex
Baconhanger – Heil
Bereshit – Rejected ft. Reaxion Guerrilla
Betamorphose – Reborn
Bitch Brigade – Bubblegum Cyber (Hard Candy Mix by Virtual Terrorist)
Blutzukker – Moerderherz
Benjamin’s Plague – Black Eyes
Binary Park – Not In Love
Bella Morte – Still
Binaural Silence – The Harsh Side
Bomfunk MC’s – Super Electric (Extended Mix)
Bodycall – Dancing in the Dark (Cold Mix)
Bleeding Corp. – Bang your Head
Bring The Ghosts – Devil
Aesthetic Perfection – LAX
Leaether Strip – Pop Muzik (M Cover Version)

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