ToXik KaOs -Episode 13

This week Shibs and Sic are giving you the D .. This episode is overflowing with Bands that begin with D! We are also introducing you to Vio ( our only non D band this week) It is scatological how long this episode is !

We are NSFW .. but we are on iTunes.. Share us with your friends , family and especially people who need AWESOME beats in their lives.

If you don’t like it .. blame Sic.

Episode 13

Track List:

Vio – Foreshadow
Dementi – Die zweite Version
Dark Noise Experience – The Question of Sanity
The Deity – Beg For Me Kover
Dioxyde – Geist
Deadly Injection – Black Gold
Die Sektor – This Broken Shield
Diary of Dreams- The Curse
Di Auger – The Fallen (Exorcism Remix)
Deviant UK Cracks Start to Show (Die Sektor Remix)
Die Form – Silent Order
Decoded Feedback-Breath
Deine Lakaien- Into my Arms (And One Remix)
Diskonnekted- Personal Demon
Damsel in the Dollhouse – Room 237
Dope Stars -Bang your Head
Defeat – Outburst
Defeat – Outburst
Dream Recall – Stockholm Syndrome (feat Chris Anderson)
DBS-Cabaret (Suicidal Romance Rmix)
Dark Voices – Kein Kompromiss
[de_ad_cibel] – self fulfilling prophecy
Digital Poodle – Head of Lenin
Dulce Liquido- Disoloutin
Double Eyelid – The Stranger (Leaether STrip Remix)
Diversant:13 Divine Electric
Dawn of Ashes – Torture Device
DeVision- Drifting Sideways
Disfigured Mistress- The Dawn of a New Age of Brutality and Insurrection
. Dark Illumination- Another Misery
Deuxvolt- God Himself
Diva Destruction – Run Cold
Deconbrio- The Feeling Remains
Dark Nebula-Truth in Flesh
Droid Sector Decay – Underage Girls Should Not Shake their Ass (ass shaker mix)
Device Noize- Fuck Off
Diverje -All the Fakes
Der fluch – Wir
Devilsight- Siente
Detroit Diesel – Let’s Pretend
Digital Daggers- The Devil Within
Distoxia – Neuroplasticdad
Die Macht – cmg

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