ToXik KaOs – Episode 17

We are hitting the G ‘s in the ABC’s of Industrial. Sic and Shibari are back and there is much discussion of Latex Doll Fetishes , creepy dolls , and well … celebrity crushes versus being a stalker.
We invite you to listen in on iTunes and you can now listen to ToXik KaOs on the Podbean app off of Alexa !
We would also like to admonish that no actual G Spots were hit during the recording of ToXik KaOs .. as usual we are NSFW … so play it LOUD and PROUD.

01. Flammpunkt – Rubberpants (WXLR remix) feat. DJ Shibari
02. Gary Numan – Bleed
03. Greyhound – Quantum Mechanic Love
04. GenCab – Perish the Thought
05. Gentleman Junkie – Holy War
06. Glass Apple Bonzai – My Alliance To Science
07. Gogi – Sunshine Girl
08. Glis – No Pulse (Tactical Sekt Remix)
09. Ghostfeeder – The Vampire Youth
10. Glen Love – The City Cries
11. God Module – Evolve (Assemblage 23 Mix)
12. Godhead – Eleanor Rigby (Beatles Cover)
13. Gingersnap5 – Sail Away
14. Grendel – Remnants (Soman Remix)
15. Garek – Cavity
16. Genitorturers – Sin City
17. Grausame Țchter РIch Darf Das!

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