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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 7

    Shibs and Sic are back , we netflix and chill , discuss concert news .. new releases and yes ..#catmoms (we don’t see that one ending anytime soon) We have an episode packed with excellent music.. Things that sound dirty .. that ARE dirty.
    As always we are NSFW .. so be sure to share us with your friends who could use a sense of humor.
    We are on iTunes does that mean we are iReady or iPostitive ?
    We don’t even know anymore.

    Track List :
    Synapsyche – We All Suck
    Kiss is Kill – Sunglasses at Night
    Noir – My Chauffer
    Holocoder – Europe (Obsidian FX Remix)
    Lights Out, God Help me – All Will Drown
    Aesthetic Perfection – Spilling Blood
    Particle Son – iHate
    Double Eyelid- Hanged Woman (nTTx remix)
    Circuito Cerrado – Hard as Fuck
    Mental Discipline – End of Days
    A7ie – Face to Death (C-Lekktor Remix)
    Distoxia – Dolor
    Binary Division – Riot Rebellion (Device Noize Remix)
    First Aid 4 Souls – House Harkonnen

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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 6

    Album of the Month – Synapsyche – The Abyss Effect
    Label : SkyQode
    Website : http://skyqode.bandcamp.com/album/the-abyss-effect

    Agents of KaOs – Episode 6 finds SicNes and Shibari discussing Concert information , The Evils of Facebook , Spinach Emergencies #Catmoms.. And so much more.
    We do have a new Album of the Month Synapsyche – The Abyss Effect.

    Track List:
    Synapsyche – Angel on Vicodin
    Systemic – Scars
    Coldkill – Invisible
    Bring the Ghosts – Black Sheets (Filth Mix)
    Kanga – Vital Signs
    Panic Lift – Everyday Is Halloween
    Synthetisch Lebensform – Broken Machine
    Skold – Today Your Love
    Nachtmahr – Burning Bridges
    Too Dead to Die- Burn 2 Shine
    Obscura Nova- Flesheating Lovers
    Asdeandare – Industrial Rise (Mechanical Moth Mix)
    Gingersnap5 – Polaris ( Ultimate Soldier Remix)
    Cryogenic Echelon – Indigo Children (Studio-X Club Mix)
    Cut Off Sky – Scars

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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 5

    Album of the Month- Brutal Resonance – Phase One
    Produced by Brutal Resonance
    Website : http://brutalresonance.com
    Bandcamp site: https://brutalresonance.bandcamp.com/album/brutal-resonance-phase-one

    E P I S O D E 5
    Bad Intentions.. Tattoos .. Slingblade GPS .. and BUNNYMAN
    We have it all including a bid for a presidential run.
    Wait who is afraid of the Bunnyman? Shibari is!
    This episode is beyond the normal level of crazy, but it is also full of great music.
    Tune in with Shibs and Sic for tour information for 16Volt and also the Realignment tour for Fractured Fairytales and Abbey Death featuring our friends Machines on Blast.

    Track List:

    01.Droid Sector Decay – Pleasure Comes —
    02. Astma – Snake Bite
    03. White Trash Wankers- Another One Bites The Dust
    04.Blut Reaktor – Flesh of Flesh
    05.Orange Sector- Burn In Hell (Fucking Lies Mix)
    06.High Fuctioning Flesh – Hungry Cries
    07.Vain Machine – Push (Original Mix)
    08.Freakangel – Suck The Poison In
    09.Helalyn Flowers- Beware Of Light
    10.FGFC820 – Existence (Combichrist Remix)
    11.Ego Likeness- The Darkness ( Deep Abyss Remix by the Deity)
    12.Adam Kult – Fuck Them (Suicical Romance Mix)
    13.Centhron – Fuck Off And Die
    14.C/A/T – Bunnyman
    15.Viscera Drip – Shut The Fuck Up -(Pheremone Remix)

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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 4

    Album of the Month- Brutal Resonance​ – Phase One
    Produced by Brutal Resonance
    Website : http://brutalresonance.com
    Bandcamp site: https://brutalresonance.bandcamp.com/album/brutal-resonance-phase-one

    Shibari and SicNes are back for episode 4 . A little late but here – On the menu today, those pesky fake concerts on facebook , Trent Reznor’s Birthday , Love tearing us apart, Things that shouldn’t be 30 years old , and Why we are our own best girlfriend / boyfriend and no not to each other .

    Also our friend Rexx Arkana from FGFC820 and Bruderschaft has been diagnosed with cancer .. please visit his gofundme to help him with his medical expenses


    Track Listing:
    01.Scar 21- Promises
    02.Lucidstatic -Gold (ft Emily Steigerwald of D/SIR)
    03.The Deity – Beg for Me Kover
    04.Riotlegion – Movement
    05.Third Realm – Dance Like You Wanna Die
    06.Diverje – All The Fakes (touched by STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET)
    07.Vault 113 – The Prophecy
    08.Cryogenic Echelon – Soulstorm
    09.Statik Sky -Fuqin noize
    10.Benjamin’s Plague – You Will Pay (XMH remix)
    11.Decoded Feedback – Heart Of Stone (Duet With Chiffon’s Tale)
    12.Cryptic Dawn – Carry the call (Device Noize Remix)
    13.CoexPro/Cosmic Gate – Firewire [CoexPro Remix]
    14.First Aid 4 Souls- No More Smile
    15. T3RR0R 3RR0R – Angel (Broken Wings remix by hexis)
    16.Unsinn – World Of Dreams (Redesigned by hexis)

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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 3

    Album of the Month- Brutal Resonance – Phase One
    Produced by Brutal Resonance
    Website : http://brutalresonance.com
    Bandcamp site: https://brutalresonance.bandcamp.com/album/brutal-resonance-phase-one
    Hello Land of KaOs- Episode 3 is here, and SicNes and Shibari are back with our album
    of the month Brutal Resonance – Phase One , we are discussing everything from
    serial killers and which one could be more weird, the new label signing of Angelspit to Negative Gain Productions…
    Canadian Music Week, Skold and Adoration Destroyed in Austin Texas …and so much more. Be sure to invite your friends to listen in and like our page.
    Track List:
    01. Blitzkrieg Baby – Cannibal Commando
    02. Parralox -Wildlife (Talion Law Remix)
    03. Amelia Arsenic – T.H.I.R.S.T.Y
    04. Mechanized Warfare -A Living Atrocity (Elektro Ferret Remix)
    05. Citizen 16- My Friend
    06. Binaural Science- The Fall of Biosphere
    07. Cyanotic – Reflex Action
    08. Phosgore-The Holy Inquisition
    09. Hydroxie -Seelen im Licht (Cygnosic Remix)
    10. 00tz 00tz- Into the Grey
    11. Valerie Gentile -Fuck Yes
    12. Nano Infect- Never Too Drunk [To Fuck]
    13. Elektro Ferret -Silhouettes Appear Calling (Kant Kino Rework)
    14. Psycho Circus – Der Prophet
    15. SickFreak- Deliver Us From Evil – [Exemia Rmx]
    16. Kiss is Kill – Ready

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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 2

    Sic and Shibs are back for episode 2 . We are talking about Prince, upcoming concerts and cat birth.
    1. Microwaved- Obsession
    2. Kult of the Red Pyramid – Monster
    3. Victor Love- Bitchcraft (feat. KMFDM) Aesthetic Perfection Remix
    4. Jet Noir – The Dagger (Technomancer)
    5. Ayria – Underneath the Water (Sebastian Komor Mix)
    6. Espermachine- Bleeding Hands
    7. Vanguard – Rage
    8. Dope Stars Inc. – Electric Barbarella (Duran Duran Cover)
    9. Diversant :13 -Spit the Fire Out (Cygnostic Remix)
    10. TripToy – Crave (original mix)
    11. Dream Recall – Stockholm Syndrome (featuring Chris Anderson)
    12 Comasoft – Papercut
    13. Kromak- @cid lov3
    14. Antibody- Shrimps (Binary Division)
    15. Dark Noise Experience – Cell Activity
    16. Psy’Aviah – Wild Ride (Featuring Miss FD)
    17. Razed In Black – 1999

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    ToXik KaOs – Episode 1

    It is our First Episode!
    Bear with us as we are “under construction” still .
    Join Sicnes and Shibari as they bring you some theme music for your week, We discuss donkey-napping , Netflix and Chill and Awkward flirtations.
    Be sure to share and like our page!
    To contact ToXik KaOs
    [email protected]
    Shibari – [email protected]
    Sicnes – [email protected]
    01. Junksista- Rage
    02. nTTx- Bastion (Kiss is Kill Remix)
    03. Glass Apple Bonzai – Symptoms of Reality
    04. Amnestic- Rhythm of Violence
    05. Society Burning- Awaken (Re-birth by UCNX)
    06. Deconbrio- Monster
    07. Nuclear Sun- Kill ’em All
    08. Adoration Destroyed – Carnal
    09. DI Auger – The Fallen (Exorcism Remix)
    10. Polyfuse -Thrust Rush
    11. SIXISSIX – HachING
    12. Flammpunkt – The Creeps
    13. Dawn of Ashes – Torture Device
    14. Xentrifuge- Machine Winter>